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OUR BRANDS - FO PRODUCTS - Fo Cake Coating Sugar Dough 250 gr

Fo DARK RED Decor and Covering Dough

Packaging Type: 250 Gr nylon bag
and 6 Kg. Polyprophlene Bucket, in nylon bag, 4 pieces per box

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Type of Usage: In covering and decorating cakes, creating decorative figures, coating maquette pastries.

Methods of Usage : After taken required amount, the dough is kneaded with hand heat until the dough gets elastic. Applied cake and figures should not be kept in humid environment.After each application, it should be stored in its nylon bag to prevent dryness. The application temperature is 25-26 degrees. Coated cakes is better to be stored in 6-8 degree fridge for longer shelf life.
Product Specialities:
 - The application temperature is 25-26 degress.
 - It is eatable
 - It has a elastic feature.
 - It has a 40% cost advantage.